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Limited Attorney Opinion Letter

Need advice regarding how to proceed on a specific property or what curative work might be needed? Purchasing property without the benefit of a title company closing?

We offer a limited examination of your REIS report with a Limited Attorney Opinion Letter, written by our affiliate law firm Rattikin & Rattikin, L.L.P.

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Our Customers Come First

REIS has been providing quick, accurate and thorough title searches in Texas for over 40 years. We know our clients rely on our quick turn-around time and the accuracy of our reports – so fast service without sacrificing quality is always a top priority. REIS is always just a phone call away when you have a question about what is included on your report. There’s no automated message to navigate through or middle man to speak with.

A Step Above the Competition:

Try us out today and see why more and more banks, credit unions, municipalities, government agencies, law firms, tax lenders, investors and individuals are switching to REIS for all of their title search needs.

One Stop for All of Your Texas Title Search Needs:

REIS is your one-stop shop for Texas title searches. REIS can provide searches for most counties in Texas. We use a network of vendors for searches that cannot be performed inhouse.

Our Employees Make the Difference:

All of our searches are completed by experienced, professional, and friendly abstractors who are experienced with Texas title. Have a question about what is included on your search? Your abstractor is just an email or phone call away!

A Proven Track Record

REIS has been providing title searches in Texas for over 40 years and is an affiliate of Rattikin Title Company which is celebrating over 70 years of service. Our continued commitment to quality, dependability and excellence for every search has earned us a portfolio of long-time customers.