General questions

Our clients utilize title searches for a variety of reasons, including purchasing investment properties at tax sales, foreclosure work, loans and loan modifications, and affixing mechanic’s lien affidavits. Often, clients may decide that purchasing a title policy is not necessary or cost-effective and they simply want to know if there are any unreleased liens against a piece of real property that have been filed in the public records. Other clients may want to see a chain of title, determine what encumbrances or restrictions exist on a piece of real property, or need a good legal description.

Producing a thorough and accurate search is our top priority. Having the property owner’s full legal name and the last four digits of their social security number will enable us to eliminate inapplicable documents when conducting a name search for involuntary liens. Having the legal description, address, and the current property owner’s full name will ensure we are providing the most accurate search possible.

A hyperlink is a link to a document. Hyperlinks on the reports are underlined and are in blue. To access the document image, hold down the control button while clicking the hyperlink and the document image will be displayed. The hyperlinks are secure, so if you receive any warning messages, you can press ok, and proceed to viewing the document image.

REIS does not provide legal services and does not provide an examined product or title commitment. REIS is prohibited from giving legal advice or opinions; however, REIS reports can provide the information needed for your legal counsel to give an opinion as to the status of title.

REIS will email a copy of your title search when it is completed. You can also find all completed title searches you have ordered in the past six months in your account profile.

We make every effort to complete reports as quickly as possible. Our typical turn-around time is between two to three business days. If you need your search rushed, we are typically able to accommodate your request.

All title searches are not created equal! It is imperative you have a good understanding of what is included in the title search. REIS prides itself in providing a cost-effective and thorough search. Some companies may not search probate, civil, or bankruptcy records or may only begin with the last deed filed of record, even if there are partial interests or family conveyances. An incomplete search can leave you with an incomplete understanding of the ownership and/or potential liens on the real property.